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About us

We lovingly craft your stories into weekly episodes of entertaining, inspiring and heart-warming nuggets that aim to distill the best of the human spirit and build a unique perspective of what it means to be you.

Co-created by Aimee Coelho and Charlie Kilner, we aim to explore the breadth of our communities stories and to share the experience of all manner of people across the globe.

This podcast is very much a collaborative effort between not only Charlie and Aimee but also our incredibly talented contributors, without whom we would be lost, without a story to tell. If you would like to participate in Listening Archive, visit our record page where you will be able to submit .The idea is about creating the space where you can tell the story you always wanted to hear.

Feel free to reach out to us with any comments, suggestions or to speak your thoughts too..
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Aimee Coelho

Aimee is a freelance journalist and head of Media at Millfield School.

Charlie Kilner

Charlie is a 2020 Sixth Form leaver who loves basketball and projects.

Located in the South West of England.