Hey everyone,

Good ideas can often arise from bad situations and this podcast and platform was one of those occasions.

As we were given the sad news that our school was going to be temporarily closed, we both decided that we wanted to create a project that would not only keep us going through some pretty hard times, but also help other people too.

The reality is though, that we are a media teacher and a Sixth Form school leaver, so we don’t have any major business backing, just an idea created in a bleak afternoon in a school classroom.

Whilst this project is a labour of love, we would greatly appreciate it, if you could consider a donation, no matter how big or small, to help cover our running costs.

We are creating an archive for listeners to help people realise, that there are people out there who care and who want to hear everyone’s unique story.

You can help us to show you care, by kindly donating.

Keep on listening,

Charlie and Aimee :) x
P.s. Communities like this, bring us all together.

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