Listening archive is a podcast and platform that uses unique technology to allow users to record their story directly onto the website. Co-created by Aimee Coelho and Charlie Kilner to bring innovation and help to those feeling isolated within their communities.

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Our First Episode - Press Release

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BBC Somerset

...That is a lovely sentiment that you have captured people doing extraordinary things in an extraordinary time. People aren't going to imagine the things we went through so this is a fascinating archive that you have created

13th April 2020

Millfield School

If you're looking for something to listen to, meet our Media teacher Aimee Coelho and Upper Sixth student Charlie, who have used technology to encapsulate people's stories from all over the world during the coronavirus outbreak.

13th April 2020

Hannah Verdier - Freelance Writer

This is a great idea - record your lockdown thoughts for a podcast. (I found it quite therapeutic.) Like a Blue Peter time capsule for words.

15th April 2020